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  1. Native Collagen Complex

    Native Collagen Complex

    The unique combination of Native Collagen (UC‑II®) & hyaluronic acid with magnesium was specifically developed for joint health and mobility.

    29.90 €

    120 capsules for 2 months

  2. Omega‑3 Vegan Complex

    Omega‑3 Vegan Complex

    Vegan omega‑3 oil combined with the 12 most important vitamins and minerals as innovative Duocaps® for optimal bioavailability.

    24.90 €

    60 capsules for 1 month

  3. Premium‑13 ProbioFit

    Premium‑13 ProbioFit

    Europe's first product with performance cultures from Taiwanese kimchi (TWK10®) combined the 12 most effective bacteria strains.

    29.90 €

    60 capsules for 2 months

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