Research & Innovation Made in Germany

We focus on ingredients with new or improved effects or increased bioavailability.

Therefore we continuously study the latest scientific research to bring you the next generation of food supplements.

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Our scientists develop products exclusively based on clinical studies.

We only produce in certified labs that adhere to high quality standards like IFS Food & GMP.

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Lab-Certified &
Clinically Tested

Lab-Certified & Clinically Tested

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Premium Ingredients

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Scientifically Backed

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Made in

Made in Germany

Real Science, No Half-Truths

Our scientific team develops products exclusively based on studies. With innovative food supplements, we support your health and wellbeing holistically.

Dr. Tom Haltenhof

Dr. Tom Haltenhof

Free University of Berlin

Dr. Tom Haltenhof

Free University of Berlin

  1. Native Collagen Complex

    Native Collagen Complex

    The unique combination of Native Collagen (UC‑II®) & hyaluronic acid with magnesium was specifically developed for joint health and mobility.

    29.90 €

    120 capsules for 2 months

  2. Omega‑3 Vegan Complex

    Omega‑3 Vegan Complex

    Vegan omega‑3 oil combined with the 12 most important vitamins and minerals as innovative Duocaps® for optimal bioavailability.

    24.90 €

    60 capsules for 1 month

  3. Premium‑13 ProbioFit

    Premium‑13 ProbioFit

    Europe's first product with performance cultures from Taiwanese kimchi (TWK10®) combined the 12 most effective bacteria strains.

    29.90 €

    60 capsules for 2 months